Town of Lewiston
Map Site 8: Site of Fort Gray

Small garrison outpost at the top of Lewiston Heights. It was attacked and destroyed by the British on the morning of December 19, 1813.

Fort Gray was constructed in 1812. It was named for Nicholas Gray, an Inspector General in the New York militia who actually supervised the building of the fort. Fort Gray was located atop the Niagara Escarpment just south of Lewiston. It was one of several batteries established by the American forces in 1812 to counter a number of batteries that had been built by the British across the Niagara River and aimed at the American side. The garrison at the fort (about 40 men led by Major Mallory) and the Tuscaroras held the British and Indians off for a time giving the people of Manchester (Niagara Falls) time to flee their homes before they were destroyed. The site of Fort Gray was itself destroyed in the early 1960s by the construction of the Robert Moses Parkway.




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