Town of Lewiston
Map Site 5: Five Mile Meadow

British landed here on the early morning of December 19, 1813 & walked five miles to capture Fort Niagara.

In the early morning hours of December 19, 1813, over 500 men under the commander of British General John Murray, crossed the river from Queenston and landed at a place called the Five Mile Meadow (now directly across from Stella Niagara). Silently they marched north along the River Road through snow and wind to Fort Niagara. On the way they encountered a number of pickets that were without sentries and were able to quickly dispatch the troops with bayonets.

Another story that is told locally is about the little stone structure on the shore of the Niagara River at the foot of the hill at Five Mile Meadow. The building is now owned by Stella Niagara and used as a chapel. Legend has it that this building was used by the American army as a supply or ammunition depot during the War of 1812. A couple of facts blow holes into this theory. First of all, it was at this point that the British landed on the night of December 19, 1813. In all the accounts of that landing, there is no mention of finding a structure at the site of the landing. Secondly, the building has windows which probably would not have been the case if ammunition was stored in the structure. One amazing fact about this building is that during the great ice jam of 1909 this structure was unaffected by the ice and continued to stand with no damage while other structures along the shoreline were destroyed by ice.



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