Town of Wilson
Map Site 31: Log Cabin, c. 1820

Located on Chestnut Road near North Road. Typical of the type of cabins found in Niagara County in 1813.

Western New York was a virtual wilderness in 1812. Settlers began moving in after the conclusion of the Holland Land Company survey in 1802. Most came from central New York, New England and Pennsylvania. Niagara County encompassed Erie County at that time and the northern half was the Town of Cambria. A few trails were laid out through the forests. Among these were the Ridge Road, the Lake Road, the Military Road and the Portage Road. Settlements began to be established near water sources and at crossroads. Log taverns were spaced every few miles along the trails to serve those traveling west and north into Niagara County. Thoughts of war were far from the minds of the people who settled here. They looked forward to a peaceful and prosperous life on their new land. A few of these cabins have survived including this one in the Town of Wilson. There are also two log cabins on the Tuscarora Reservation.



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