Town of Wilson
Map Site 29: Site of Reuben Wilson’s House

Located on Lake Road near Maple Road. He was taken prisoner by the British in December, 1813.

In December, 1813, Reuben Wilson and his family were living in a log cabin on the Lake Road not far from the intersection of present day Maple Road. His neighbor, George Ash, had been at the Wilsons’ on December 24th and was returning to his farm on the Lake Road in Porter. About six miles west of the Wilsons’ home, Ash spotted some British and Indians at a distance and fled back to the Wilsons to warn them of the coming danger. When the British arrived they took Rueben Wilson and George Ash prisoners and removed them to Fort Niagara. After ten days at the Fort, they were paroled and allowed to return home with the promise that they would not take up arms against the British.

The Wilsons’ son, Luther, then about fifteen years old, gathered the scattered cattle and drove them east on the Lake Road beyond Eighteen Mile Creek. To silence the cow bells, he stuffed dried leaves into the hollows of the bells. He remained with the cattle for a night before returning home. When he arrived he found his house still standing with his mother there but that his father and Mr. Ash had been taken prisoner and removed to Fort Niagara.



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