Town of Lockport
Map Site 23: Cold Spring Cemetery

There was a spring at this location where travelers stopped to get water. It is believed that 12 American soldiers died here in 1812/13 and became the first burials in the cemetery.

Those traveling the Lewiston Trail heading toward Batavia, would have to made a left turn at the present intersection of Cold Spring and Chestnut Ridge Roads (across from DeSales School). At this location was a log tavern operated by Charles Wilbur. This had been a resting spot for Native Americans for centuries as there was a “cold spring” located in the hillside there. According to former Niagara County Historian Clarence Lewis, twelve American soldiers died at this location during the War of 1812 and were the first burials in what later became Cold Spring Cemetery. What they died of is a mystery but there is no evidence that they were killed by the British or poisoned by Indians as the story was originally told. The graves of the soldiers are located on a hill behind the stone wall on the right hand side as you go into the cemetery off of Cold Spring Road.



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