Town of Lockport
Map Site 22: Ridge Road

Corduroy Military Road between Warren’s and Wright’s Corners. Built over a swamp. The remainder of Lewiston’s residents fled this way towards Gaines in Orleans County.

This portion of the Ridge Road was once part of the ancient Lockport-Newfane Delta Bay. At this point, between Warren’s Corners and Wright’s Corners, the sand ridge had been wiped out by the waters of an ancient waterfall located at Rattlesnake Hill in Lockport. As a result, the land between the two corners was very swampy. It was difficult to transverse even in the driest weather. In 1811, the U.S. Army built a corduroy road over this section to facilitate troop movements to and from Fort Niagara. A corduroy road consisted of logs laid down over muddy or wet areas. Eventually the swamp was drained and a dirt road was built through this area.



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