Town of Cambria
Map Site 20: Warren’s (Forsythe’s) Corners

This tavern was here during the War with American soldiers stationed there to look for deserters and British soldiers.

In 1805 John Forsyth and his wife Mary came to Cambria and built a log tavern at this location. John died in 1812, leaving Mary a widow with two children alone in the wilderness. During the War, militia units were dispatched along the Ridge Road to find deserters and check the British movements in the area. Ezra Warren was a member of one of these militia units and frequently stopped at the Forsythe tavern. He apparently developed a fondness for the widow Forsythe and after the War returned there and married her. Ezra Warren kept the tavern at the corners that soon became known by his name. It was also at this point that the refugees from Lewiston divided up, some staying on the Ridge Road and going further east towards Gaines in Orleans County or taking what was the Lewiston Road and heading in a southeast direction toward Batavia in Genesee County.



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