Town of Porter
Map Site 2: Salt Battery

Located on Main Street at gazebo across from Faulkner Park.
This battery was an important factor in the defense of the Niagara Frontier in the
War of 1812. So named because salt bags were used in its construction.

The Salt Battery was an impressive Battery. It was made of barrels of salt covered with earth. The description of this Battery says that it contained “two beautiful 18 pounder rifles, two six pounders, two eight inch French howitzers and two eight inch mortars.” These batteries were just two of a least six which were placed strategically along the river across from Fort George. When that Fort was bombarded in May of 1813, these batteries caused a considerable amount of damage from hot shot and destroyed four blockhouses and three storehouses at Fort George. Located on Main Street in Youngstown across from Faulkner Park.



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