Town of Cambria
Map Site 19: Site of Molyneaux Corners Tavern

NYS Militia from Gaines (Orleans County) captured British soldiers and their Native allies at this location after a brief skirmish.

In researching the facts for this map, there were several times that the information found in many different sources was either very limited or just plain inconsistent. That is the case with the story of what happened (or did not happen) at Molyneaux Corners. The only source I could find that actually describes the incident that happened at Molyneaux Corners is in a book written by J. Howard Pratt entitled “Saga of the Ridge.” In this book, Pratt related the details of an encounter between some British soldiers and their Indian allies and a New York State militia unit from Gaines, NY. A few British and Indians had pursued the fleeing Lewiston residents beyond the arsenal at Baer Road and came upon a tavern and barn at what is now known as Molyneaux Corners. They burned the barn but spared the tavern. After imbibing of some of the liquor, the soldiers and Indians fell asleep. In the meantime, when some of the Lewiston refugees reached the village of Gaines in what became Orleans Co. they told the local militia of the horrific experiences they had just endured. The militia promptly marched toward Lewiston. On their way they came upon the tavern at Molyneaux Corners. They surprised the sleeping drunken soldiers and Indians and took them prisoner. It was stated that two Indians and a British soldier were killed.

Molyneaux Corners was named for William Molyneaux who purchased the property in 1812. A log tavern existed there before he purchased the property. In 1826 he built a large wood frame hotel at this location that lasted about 100 years before it burned down.

This is not the Molyneaux tavern and barn but a similar one that was located in Central New York at the same time period.



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