Town of Cambria
Map Site 16: Site of Arsenal

Two log cabins located at the intersection of Ridge and Baer Roads held arms and ammunition. It slowed the British advance eastward. Lewiston residents took a stand here.

According the publication, Dark Days on the Frontier of Western New York, written in 1879 by Chipman Turner, the fleeing residents of Lewiston had decided to take a stand on the Ridge Road at the corner of present day Baer Road. He wrote, “The rallying point was fixed at the two temporary arsenals, consisting of two log dwellings, that stood on the east and west corners, now owned by Amos Gallop and Peter Oliphant, on the south ridge, a half a mile west of Howell’s Creek, near where the settlement in the county was first commenced by Philip Beach, in 1801. One of the buildings was used for a deposit of powder; the other for arms…Arms were placed in the hands of such as it was thought could use them, as they were passing along in the train of the fleeing…Two and a half miles west of the arsenal rendezvous, near the line dividing the towns of Cambria and Lewiston, the vagrant intruders were encountered; the rebut of a single fire, terminated their further advance, scattering them in disorderly retreat, over the ground they had laid waste and strewn with the lifeless remains if their murdered victims, to the protection of Fort Niagara.”



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