City of Niagara Falls
Map Site 13: Old Stone Chimney

The only remnant left of Fort Schlosser. It has been moved twice. It is now located at the rear of a parking lot on Buffalo Avenue at the foot of 10th Street.

Amazingly, a stone chimney still survives that was either built by the French at Fort Du Portage in 1750 or by the British at Fort Schlosser in 1760. The chimney was part of John Stedman’s house and later the tavern operated by the Porter family. After the tavern was burned down in 1813, another structure was built around the chimney. In 1840 Peter Porter torn down that building and built himself a house at the site. That house was taken down in 1889. The chimney stayed in its original location until 1902 when it was moved by the Niagara Falls Power Company. It was moved again in 1942 to a riverfront park that has since been ruined by the Robert Moses Parkway. There is a renewed effort to move the chimney once again to a more suitable location where it can be better appreciated.

John Stedman’s House with the stone chimney attached




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