City of Niagara Falls
Map Site 12: Burning of the Village of Manchester

Now the City of Niagara Falls, this village was burned on December 21, 1813.

Manchester, today Niagara Falls, was a village of several dozen people. The structures included a saw mill, a grist mill, two stores, a log hotel, a rope maker, blacksmith shop and a school house. When the British arrived along the Portage Road, they split into two groups at the intersection with Main Street. One group followed Main Street down to the Falls and the other group continued on to Fort Schlosser. Every building (about 30) in Manchester was destroyed including Judge Porter’s brick house. At Schlosser was a store house, two barns, Stedman’s house, several log cabins and the dock. Several Durham boats were docked at Schlosser and they too were set on fire. A nearby log cabin was torched but did not burned because the logs were still green.



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