City of Niagara Falls
Map Site 11: Site of Gad Pierce’s Tavern

Located at the intersection of Main and Portage Roads, Gad Pierce stayed on and tried to defend his tavern against the British invaders when they came to Manchester.

Gad Pierce was one of the more colorful and ingenious residents of Manchester. He ran a log tavern at the intersection of Main and Portage Roads. For weeks before the British arrived, he gathered some men and local Indians together to “drill” and “parade” near the river as a show of strength and numbers to the enemy across the river. Using canes and broom sticks, the men created the illusion they were armed and ready for an attack. That attack came on December 21, 1813. Pierce and four other men waited inside the tavern, armed with muskets. When the British arrived, their force was too large to overcome and Pierce and the others fled down the Portage Road. The tavern was burned along with at least ten other buildings along the Portage Road.



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