Town of Lewiston
Map Site 10: Site of Hardscrabble Camp

Military barracks at the intersection of Ridge and Dickersonville Roads during the War of 1812 period.

Sometime around 1812 a military camp was established six miles east of Lewiston at what is now Dickersonville Road. Some sources say it at the northwest corner of the intersection. Little is known about this camp but Niagara County Historian Clarence Lewis wrote about it in a December 29, 1961 article. Several letters were shown to him by a man named Richard LaDue. These letters mentioned the Hardscabble military camp. The first letter was written by Major General Amos Hall from Batavia on January 23, 1814. “Lt. Col. John Harris will proceed to Hardscabble to the cantonment there now occupied by the troops under Col. Swift and take charge of the detachment of the command…the troops under the command of Lt. Col. Harris will be quartered in as compact a manner as the nature of the ground and present barracks will admit, and Lt. Col. Harris will make proper provision for quarters by building huts as soon as may be.” The second letter is from Jonas Harrison to the Hon. Ezekiel Bacon. Written on July 16, 1814, it reads: “The nearest our troops have been encamped during the winter was at Hardscrabble on the Ridge Road six miles distance from Lewiston.”



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